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Bad Breath

Bad Breath is one of the most embarrassing topics ever approached in any social situation.

If YOU had a bad breath issue and were not aware of it, would you want YOUR dental health professional to tell you? AND would you want to know WHY you have it, HOW to address it and PREVENT it from recurring?

Sunset Smiles offers support to help those patients who may have concerns about this sensitive issue. Also called Halitosis, the embarrassing and uncomfortable condition of bad breath is usually easily treatable. Several causes of bad breath include: foods like garlic and onions, smoking, periodontal disease, dry mouth, medications, poor dental homecare.


Treating Bad Breath

Halitosis occurs when anaerobic bacteria form on the textured surface of the tongue and the inner surface of the gum collar. These bacteria produce sulfur compounds.

Gum disease which is also known as periodontal disease (once called pyorrhea) is another source of these sulfur compounds. When plaque and tartar build up around the teeth and gums, pockets in the gum collar are formed which trap food and bacteria. This creates an ideal oxygen free environment for the bacteria and they create the mouth odor of which the patient rarely is aware. A professional scaling and polishing by the dental hygienist is STEP 1 in the treatment of this condition.

If dry mouth is the cause of the halitosis, several treatment options can be suggested.

Regardless of the source of bad breath, we work with our patients to develop a routine at home that includes daily flossing, brushing several times a day, tongue cleaning, and an anti-bacterial rinse (non-alcohol). Fluoride used at bed time may also avert additional dental problems from this unpleasant condition.

Increasing the frequency of visits to the dental hygienist may also be recommended. With patient compliance, improvement is often realized right away and the patient is on the road to a healthier mouth and confident fresh breath.


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