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There are several methods of whitening teeth. Dr Medvesky is pleased to offer two popular methods

  1. Pre-loaded trays
  2. Custom take-home trays and gel. Both of these include fluoride protection and an ingredient to address sensitivity.

WHY NOT “Over the Counter” products?

Because the “over the counter” whiteners have a lower pH than that of the body, and may cause a form of demineralization of the enamel. This can create a “frosting” of the enamel, which does give a short term appearance of looking whiter, but also weakens the tooth over time, making it more vulnerable to decay.


What do we offer our patients (alternative to OTC products) that will be fast and affordable?

Opalescence “GO” is a pleasant effective affordable alternative to the OTC products. It comes as a pre-loaded

tray which safely whitens teeth while helping to prevent cavities, reduce sensitivity, and improve enamel health. We offer the 15% formula (hydrogen peroxide) which is worn for 15-20 minutes per day for 7-10 consecutive days.

Custom Whitening:


The Custom Take Home Method is the kindest to the enamel, convenient, comfortable, with the longest lasting results. We offer Opalescence gel for this procedure. Our patients are fitted with custom upper and lower clear “trays” which are thin, comfortable shells that intimately fit over all the teeth. A clear gel containing carbamide peroxide (10%, 15% or 20%) is applied inside the tray which is worn a minimum of two hours (the 10% and 15% strengths can be worn overnight).

Eating and drinking is not advisable while wearing the trays. Upon removal of the tray, the patient can brush and rinse the teeth as well as

the tray. Foods and beverages with dark pigment (whether natural or artificial) and smoking should be avoided. Strict oral hygiene including flossing daily must be observed before, during, and after the whitening process to ensure the best results.

Touch-ups are advised once every 6 months and only are needed 1 or 2 nights. Unused product may be refrigerated between touch-ups.


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