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Proactive Dental Hygiene

Our dental hygienist takes a special interest in “coaching” her patients.  She enjoys teaching each patient how to brush, use a rubber tip stimulator, proxabrush, rinse or brush with prescription fluoride, use a floss threader (for those with bridgework), and the correct use of an electric toothbrush.

Many patients need to know the detrimental effects of foods and beverages containing acids and processed sugars. Each of our team members (but especially the hygienist) emphasizes the importance of minimal sugar intake.  We will explain the need for diet modification, scheduled tooth brushing times, and if necessary the use of topical prescription fluoride.  This is particularly important for our pediatric patients to learn, however, children of ALL AGES are encouraged to be pro-active when it concerns the long term success of their dental health. A balanced diet with minimal refined sugars and vitamin supplements are reviewed with patients, including the elderly, whom often take medications which can cause dry mouth and a host of subsequent dental problems.


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