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Dentures and Partials

Complete Dentures

Esthetics, comfort, and function (chewing and speaking) are all important areas of recreating the patient’s smile with a Complete Denture.

Our office offers full dentures for those who have all of the teeth missing on either the full upper arch or full lower arch or both. When there are several missing teeth on only one of the arches then a complete denture and a removable partial denture can be constructed. This sub-specialty of dentistry known as Prosthodontics is a sophisticated area (truly an “art”) requiring several steps to reach the final result.

Impressions, bite registration, wax try-in, and delivery are the four main appointments we schedule. We allow for several appointments after the delivery for adjustments and fine tuning of the appliances. Prior to starting our impressions, we ask patients to bring us photos of their smiles (as a younger adult if available) to assist us in selecting the proper shape and size.

Dentistry today can offer patients more than one option where Complete Dentures are concerned.

Removable Partial Denture

When one or more teeth are missing, one of the choices available to the patient is a removable partial denture. Our office offers several designs each of which offers some of the following features:

  • One tooth partial: economical; intended for short term use.
  • Acrylic and wire clasp partial: economical; replaces one or more teeth.
  • Flexible acrylic partial: economical, esthetic, for limited indications.
  • Acrylic and cast chrome partial: less bulky, accurate fit; long-term use.
  • Precision attachment partial: Less bulky, precision fit with crowns, highly esthetic, sturdy, long term use.

Denture Repairs

For those who wear dentures or partial dentures there may come a moment in time when an “emergency” situation arises. For example, a tooth on the denture may break off; a crack may develop; a clasp may break off.

Our office will be happy to accommodate patients who are in need of a repair: ASAP! Some repairs may be done in a few minutes and some may need to be sent to a local dental lab. However, virtually all are handled the same day provided they are brought to our office early in the business day.

For those patients needing a repair who have never been seen in our office, a health questionnaire and financial policy form must be completed and a Photo ID is requested.


Relines are indicated when a previously worn denture or partial no longer has the retention or stable fit against the “ridge” it once did. Most denture wearers know or have experienced the phenomenon of gum shrinkage or “ridge resorption.” This occurs over a period of time in the area of the missing teeth. After a few years, the bone and gum covering it change shape and the denture (or partial) may no longer feel the same way it used to feel. A reline (which is the addition of acrylic to an existing denture that compensates for the shrinkage) is then performed.

Most relines can be done in one business day.

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