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Cosmetic Restorations & Bonding

In our highly esthetics-conscious society, a gorgeous smile plays an important role in one’s appearance. There is great emphasis placed on whiter, straighter teeth. Gaps and irregular shaped teeth or an asymmetric smile can truly detract from good looks as well as self-esteem. And achieving the result in one visit is a huge advantage.

In the “back teeth” Composite Resins have come to be the standard of care where dental “fillings” are concerned. We know most patients prefer a more natural, whiter material for these restorations. In the past 25 years composites have improved greatly, progressing from a once “less dense” material to a very strong filling which is now more visible on dental x-rays.

Where front teeth are concerned, “Bonding” is a procedure which improves the appearance: we can close gaps, masks discolorations, and create symmetry. The highly polished materials available today create a very natural look and truly add “face value” to a person’s smile!

“Dr, Can you help me with these front teeth? I had bonding done years ago and I want to look younger again.”

-R.S., (Retired NFL athlete)

Yes we can (and did)!!


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