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Our office proudly offers Invisalign clear orthodontic “braces.” Typically we treat adults who are interested in correcting crowded or “crooked” front teeth in a less conspicuous way. Many of these patients wore braces as teenagers, and eventually quit wearing their retainers. This results in relapse which may be corrected in later years by wearing Invisalign aligners.

Adults account for one in every five orthodontic patients. They want to achieve a healthy looking smile, balanced, straight and ultimately whiter teeth. Esthetics, the convenience of flossing, and the element of time all enter in to the choice of clear orthodontic aligners. Not every prospective orthodontic patient is a candidate for this type of treatment. However, we offer a Complimentary Invisalign Screening for those who want to explore this option and learn more about the process.

Straight teeth allow for more ease of cleaning, flossing, and thereby improve the periodontal status of the patient. We strongly encourage our patients to consider orthodontics especially if they have a potential periodontal concern due to crowding.


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