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Diagnostics & Screening

Digital X-Rays

Since January 2006 we proudly offer computerized radiographs known as digital x-rays.

We incorporated this state of the art method of imaging to better diagnose, educate, and treatment plan. This type of x-ray is now the quality “standard of care” used in dentistry.

Each individual image can be magnified on a computer monitor in the dental operatory. The patient and dentist can view the images together and discuss findings.

It is a remarkable teaching tool as it engages the patient’s interest and involvement in his or her oral health and decisions about treatment. It uses much less radiation to accomplish the same goal as conventional x-rays (approximately 20-25 %) although we routinely cover the patient with a lead apron and thyroid collar for all images.

Dental x-rays exams are valuable as they provide information about your oral health such as early stage cavities, gum diseases, abscesses or some types of tumors. This is a wonderful diagnostic aid in dentistry as many oral diseases can’t be detected with a visual and tactile exam alone. While it is valuable tool in the dental office, our office believes in taking only those x-rays which are necessary to make a proper diagnosis.


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